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switching to older process version


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    You can see the process version one of two ways.

    If you open your process list from Administration -> Processes, there is a "Version" column that shows the version number. Or if you open the process itself, you can click on the "Process Detail" tab and the version field is listed there.

    Regarding rolling back, assuming you haven't deleted the old version and that it's active you should just be able to choose that old version from the list and start it normally. There is nothing stopping you from having two versions of the same process in production at the same time, it can just be confusing.

    You may want to add the version to the name of the process to help identify it. If you don't see it in the list it could be inactive or in a non-production state.

    Any instances already started via a particular version won't be updated. It will only be for newly created instances. You will need a report/SQL query to see the version of a process used for a specific request.

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